Puppy blog:
As you may know, I’m not a fan of rain. But today I decided to put on my big boy pull-ups and do my business in the rain. I’ve never done that before, but hey, maybe it’s time to grow up a bit. I mean, it’s only water, right?
It was only raining a little when I went out the first time, but I discovered that I got a little less water on me under the tree in the front yard. Going under the tree is not my usual preference, but it worked today. 
I always make Mommie take me out multiple times in the morning. I’m not really a “one stop shop” kinda guy. So I just made water the first time. Mommie was happy because I chose my spot fast. 
I got pretty wet, and I’m not a fan of thunder. One big boom, and I was high tailing it to the porch. Out. Of. There. 
But, in a little bit, I had a decision to make. I had more business to do. So, I went to one of my inside spots. Hey, I know it’s not the right thing to do, but it’s wet out there. Well, Mommie saw me go over there and asked me if I needed to go outside. Okay, let’s do it. I’m game if she is. I mean, she can’t get under the tree as far as I can, so she gets wetter than me. 
But it was really coming down! This was not gonna be pleasant. I was gonna get alot wetter this time. Not my fave. 
But I went out there, and I did my business. It seemed to take alot longer than usual, but that was probably just because I was in a hurry. 
Then it was done. And Mommie was so happy. I like making her happy. I also got extra treats. 
We tried to wake daddy up with the news, and he was not too interested. So the after party was just me and Mommie. 
I really hate rain, though. It doesn’t matter if I’m inside or outside, but I definitely prefer inside. The noise scares me. I’m just being honest. But when you add getting wet into the mix, it’s just not worth it. I don’t understand it all, but I guess rain is just part of life.


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