So, I’m 9 days post op, and my recovery has been so much easier than I anticipated. I have not needed any pain meds or nausea meds in 5 days. The biggest negative I’ve had is crazy levels of fatigue. It’s understandable, since I’m only taking in about 600 calories per day and whether I am in pain or not, this was major, major surgery. Incisions are healing great so far. Just started itching a few days ago, and the glue is starting to peel.

So here’s the real crazy part of all this. I gained 13 pounds in one day in the hospital due to IV fluids. Yes, I weighed when I got home. I watched them put bag after bag of fluid into my arms, and I didn’t want to be upset when I weighed in a week and it showed nothing lost. I needn’t have worried about that. The weight loss is crazy town. 

I’m down 27 pounds in a week and a half. So minus that 13 pounds of fluid, that’s still 14 in just over one week. I’m losing about 3 pounds per day. 

3 pounds per day. 

Nuts. Totally unfathomable. I jokingly told my sister that I would reach my goal weight in roughly a month and a half. (I’m pretty sure it will slow down. Haha)

Anyway, I’ve not thrown up even one time. No pain, till tonight, since last Thursday. Very tired. I can handle tired. 

Now, tonight, I had my first outing. We went to Walmart got some groceries. It’s hard to imagine being on a liquid diet if you’ve never been on one. It’s full liquids, which is better than clear liquids. 

My thoughts before being on this diet were to get a case of cream of chicken and a case of tomato soup, and I’m good to go. The only problem with that is that I have zero appetite, and those aren’t worth it. They were at first, but after a few days, it wasn’t anymore. I’ll pass. 

I’ve been living on these… 

So, that’s my biggest tip to anyone considering bariatric surgery. 

Get. Some. 

Go to Sam’s. Buy some cases. Drink them. You got your fluid and your protein. Get it done. Everything else is just for fun. 

And get some interesting soups that are either already a blended soup, or get some soups that sound reasonably good after a spin in the blender. 

The quantities I’m able to eat are increasing, I suppose due to swelling decreasing in my actual organs. 

Basically, it’s like feeding a newborn. You feed a few ounces. Burp. Feed a few more and don’t get in a hurry. Then see if it stays down or causes an upset stomach.

I feel very lucky. I feel like other people have had it much worse. I’m not tempted to eat things I shouldn’t have, because I’m not tempted to eat. I did ask my husband for a piece of sausage last night just to taste meat. He refused. It was mean. I just wanted something with texture and flavor. It was time to get groceries. Hehe

I learned that riding in the car is kind of painful when your organs have been rearranged. It was a really weird feeling. I’m still hurting a little bit, and I’m in no hurry to get in a car again any time soon. It was weird to hurt again after no pain for five days. I’m hoping not to have to take pain meds, but we’ll see. 

I haven’t felt much like writing, but I feel like this time in my recovery is really important to chronicle, not just for my memories but for others who want to know what recovery is actually like. 

It’s been a great recovery. Truly awesome. 

I’ve heard the fatigue is about a month or six weeks, so I’ll just ride that out.

In the meantime, bottoms up! 


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