Reached the 50 lbs down milestone this week from when I started this process February 27. 

I compared my pictures from February to these, and not a whole lot of change for 50 pounds. I mean, I can certainly tell a difference, but it’s not as much as I was hoping for. 

Here are the ones from February…

I can tell a difference for sure in how my clothes fit. I knew not to take my picture at 30 pounds, because it probably wouldn’t show at all. 

I graduated from liquids yesterday. If I’m being honest, and I am, I gave up on the liquids over the weekend. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had no issues till yesterday. 

I will say that my first legal non liquid meal was a stretch for the soft puree diet. I was late for lunch due to my doctor’s appointment, and I knew even though I have zero appetite whatsoever, I needed to eat. 

So, I thought to myself what i could pick up that would be soft. Taco Casa Chilada… Yum! I knew I would probably only eat a third of it at most. If you have never had the pleasure of a Taco Casa chilada, it’s basically a bean and ground beef burrito smothered in chili and cheese and topped with black olives. 

I knew to take small bites. So, I took ten tiny bites that would have been two to three normal bites prior to surgery.

I knew within a few minutes that it might not have been the best idea. It started with pressure like I had a big burp that was trapped. I beat on my chest and flapped my arms like a deranged bird to try to release it. 

And up it came. 

Now, I don’t want to get too graphic, but it was the first time I’d vomited since surgery. It wasn’t what I’d expected. I was afraid of it, honestly. 

Normally, when I vomit, it’s because of food poisoning or a tummy bug. And it’s violent and painful, sweaty, and awful. This wasn’t. This was like over feeding a baby and they urp it back up. So, something to avoid, but not something to fear. 

Then, I went back to normal. 

I’ll try to refrain from being too graphic about my bodily functions, but I thought it might help someone else who reads this who is afraid of the consequences of eating the wrong thing. 

Needless to say, hubby ate the rest of the chilada with his dinner. 


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