I feel like I’m in the angry stage of a break-up. Except it’s with food. I’m not gonna lie, last week was rough. Almost everything I ate made me either vomit or pray that I would. It didn’t seem to matter how well I followed the rules or how careful I was. It made me sick. 

But it’s been two days since I’ve been sick. I had issues Saturday when I went to my support brunch, but didn’t actually vomit. I kept a doggie waste bag in my hand for about an hour after I ate half a meatball. (I highly recommend keeping some in your purse or bag after surgery, just in case.) 

I think I’ve figured out that I have to eat things with sauce or broth or basically really wet stuff, and I HAVE TO not drink before, during, or after meals for a bit. So far that’s the hardest thing for me. I drink automatically while I’m eating. Who knew that I did that without even thinking? It makes sense, because I always need refills at restaurants. 

I went to a birthday party last night, and they served fajitas. I really wanted some, but I didn’t even want to try anything because I didn’t want to be sick the rest of the party. 

I don’t even want to eat when it’s time. I dread it. But two days without being sick makes me have hope that last week was just an adjustment. 

I finally reached 55 pounds lost yesterday, which is a fourth of my goal. I rewarded myself and went and bought myself really nice makeup today. We’re probably going to count it as my birthday present, too, but I have decided this will be a good self care reward. 

Bye-bye food. Hello, makeup and cosmetics. 


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