Puppy blog:
Well, sadly, Mommie went back to work yesterday. I was really hoping that she could stay home and play and cuddle forever, but I guess not. I’m not gonna lie, I cried loud in protest and tried not to go in my cage when she left. Today, I walked right in when Mommie asked me to go, and I’m waiting for Daddy to come home for lunch. Back to normal, I guess. 
Mommie was really tired last night and went to bed early when Daddy did, so I woke up super early ready to play at 4am. Daddy was up getting ready for work, so I thought it would be great if everyone was up. So I did everything I could think of. I jumped on Mommie, bit her hand, licked her face excessively, and danced with abandon around her head and ears. Such a party pooper. 
I was pretty worn out from all that, so I didn’t want to get up when Mommie was ready to get up. I was so comfy sleeping on top of her, all snuggly and warm. 
So, I’m back to work, guarding the house. I’ve been practicing my ferocious bark and growl at mealtimes with Mommie and Daddy. They are not fans, but I’ve got to build my skills.


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