This week, I'm back to life. Mostly.

I'm noticing changes in my body that the scale is not reflecting. It's as if my body is taking a little breather from losing weight the last week. I'm trying not to stress about it. I've found lots of stuff about how the weight loss is really fast at first, then stalls, then picks up, then stalls. But my clothes are continuing to get more loose, even though the pounds are not showing.

My energy is picking up, which is nice. I'm not having the nausea after I eat as much. I'm getting used to the smaller portions and eating slowly. I'm sure that's helping alot with the nausea thing.

I'm also getting more fluids down, and I've only forgotten my vitamins twice this week. Lol… I know I have to get better about that. I'm still trying to figure out the timing of them during the day. There are certain vitamins that you have to space apart from each other or they cancel out each other, and then there are vitamins that will make your thyroid pill ineffective. So it's not as simple as it sounds. Then there's also the fact that the vitamins make me nauseated, so that means it matters when I take them in relation to meals.

This is the new normal. I'm still not hungry at all. Now that I'm not so nauseated, I don't dread eating, so that's a plus. And I'm getting to try foods to see how they agree with me and not just eating blender slop.

I ruined my blender that I bought right before my surgery. I cross threaded the blade cap onto one of the cups and can't get it off. I'm debating beating the cup with a hammer to see if I can save the blade cap. The whole blender is pretty useless without that. I haven't used the blender as much as I thought I would, because I can't drink the protein shakes. They taste so awful to me now. I'm trying to eat enough protein that I can get by with one or two of the Clear Protein drinks I've been drinking since surgery. I'm really getting tired of them, though.

Zeke was pretty sad that I went back to work, but we are temporarily caring for an older pup named Bridget. She's my father in law's dog, and he's currently in the hospital and needing to find a new home for them to live. So, I may have her for a few weeks or so.

Bridget is old and fat, and she barely tolerates Zeke and his high energy levels. He wants to play 24/7, and she's in retirement mode.

Zeke is thrilled, though. He loves all dogs more than people. I've been feeling a little set aside and jealous. He's pretty territorial over me and his toys and his pillow, but he loves having another dog to annoy.


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